The Heat Is On…

My goal is to always have a positive outlook on life. Even on the coldest days, when the wind and snow hurt my face, I am thankful to be doing what I love, ALMOST every single day.  But, once in a while, something happens… There is one weather event that changes all of this. That one event, that makes perky, upbeat me become the evil and cranky creature of doom… HUMIDITY.

Warning…a bit of a sassy, dark side is about to come out in Roda!

I truly believe that humidity is sent directly from Lucifer’s den. There is no way Mother Nature could ever be in charge of this type of hellish occurrence. There is nothing beautiful about it. Trust me, I’ve tried to find the beauty in it and I have come to the realization that HUMIDITY is void of all things beautiful!

I popped out of bed, ready to embrace life. My list of gardening adventures for the day were some of my most favorites: pruning and tipping back blackberries and boysen berries, harvesting basil leaves for pesto and creating supports for the tomato plants. These mindless tasks allow my mind to wander and my soul to rest. But, before I could begin “My Adventure List” for a day in the garden, I needed to tend to the animals.

In the summer, we do the majority of our animal chores at dusk, when the animals are going to bed and the temperatures are more pleasant. This also allows for not only freshwater and full feed pans when the sun rises, but makes morning chores quick and easy! Within 30 minutes, ducks and chickens are released to free range, eggs are collected, hay is fed to goats/horses and love is given to all!

I was ready for my day. Chores would be completed quickly and I would have a whole day to garden. Then, I made the mistake of opening the door. There it was… A thick wall of moisture that instantly encompassed every inch of me. The air was like a hot tub and I did not want to be any part of the bath! (Grumble…grumble)

It was 90 degrees outside and over 100 degrees in the hoop house!

In my opinion, there is a time and a place for sweat. I understand that if I’m exercising or doing physical labor, I’m going to “glisten“. I am prepared for this and choose to participate in these activities. I do not appreciate becoming instantly drenched walking outside. Collecting duck and chicken eggs should not cause someone to melt. It’s disgusting, it makes me sassy and bordering grumpy.  Wifey finds my humidity induced sassiness amusing, which is not helpful.

To Linda, The amazing Dragon Tamer from I know if you’re reading this, you will automatically side with Wifey. Because of this, my fairies will be delivering a Gordon Lightfoot song right into your head, within minutes. Love and Hugs! 💚

Now, everyone will need to sit down for the next statement. It is serious. Today, I have vowed to not – go – outside.   There, I said it…  I will tend to my plants inside. There are lemon blueberry poundcake muffins in the oven, as I type. The air conditioning is low and I mean low. I created a force field around it, so if Wifey even tries to turn it up, she will fail.


Today, I will enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty from inside.

Sunday is always my day to “Be Still”. Since it is too hot to move, I think I will start the practice of being still a bit early…

Love yourself… Embrace yourself… Just be you


90 thoughts on “The Heat Is On…

  1. Oh the humidity. ..Cyprus humidity can be brutal. And I have very, very curly hair. So …imagine the horror!
    I like how you prepared us for a dark side but you still sound so lovely 😂.
    Brilliant 🌺

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  2. Of course, I’m going to side with Wifey! Threatening me with Gordon Lightfoot will not work. I’ve trained myself to be immune EXCEPT to object vociferously.

    Tsk, a little humidity and you curl up in your air-conditioned cave. It was humid as hell here today and about 90F Did I slack in front of an A/C? I don’t even have A/C! Who needs it?

    Do you think your beloved fairies have AC? Ummm no! Do see them complaining like little wusses? You do not. Little fragile fairies are tougher than Roda! Do you think little fragile fairies are going to put a Gordon Lightfoot song directly into my head? Not once they know you abandoned them for cooler climes!

    Now I’m sure you want to know how I spent my hot afternoon. Did I sit in front of the fan? I did not! I went to my favorite greenhouse and sweat like a…wait, do pigs really sweat? Anyhow, it was a sauna in there and I drippingly loved it.

    You know how I feel about winter-lovers. Let me remind you:

    Why do you think I keep the dragons around? They melt the snow!

    P.S. The Dragons are on Wifey’s side, too!

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    1. Here here! We don’t have AC either. My husband has been moaning about getting one and I’m like no. It’s only one more month of this heat. We’ll survive!

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      1. Fans are the way to go. PLUS they use much less electricity, so they are greener! I looked it up, tell Zell that it costs on average $150 bucks to run A/C vs $40 for a fan..per month. Geez, you’d think I owned a fan company!

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      2. You know what, I will! See I always just say it could be worse and I think of ppl who live in the middle of a desert and survive just fine but I’m thinking your argument might take a bit better since it’s a little more realistic haha

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      1. Yes, she said numerous times that she is Linda’s biggest fan. Ha ha… Fan… Did you see what I did there! The humidity today has affected my brain ! And, I’m being forced to go outside. I already melted taking my kids to the bus for band camp. Now I have 75 tomatoes that need to be tied up. I’m going to put on my bathing suit, take my Cooley towel and try to find joy.

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      2. And that is only half of them! I told wifey that I am going to tie a tomato plant and then go in the pool and then tie another tomato plant and then go in the pool. But, she keeps the pool at 88°. Too hot. I see thermostat wars continuing today!

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      3. It is not a pool. It’s a giant hot tub thanks to wifey needing it to be at 88 to 90° to even go in it!There’s nothing refreshing about it. It is as hot as the air! Do you do this, it does not count!

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  3. Haha! Beautiful! I hate the humidity too (and my hair hates it even more). Today we had our own temperature hell though; -5.6 degrees this morning! That’s Celsius. Not sure what the conversion comes to but it was FREEZING! I would’ve done likewise and had a ‘no outside’ day but it was my nieces birthday so away we had to go. However, given the choice of too cold or too hot and humid, I’d take the cold!

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      1. In the one part of Australia that actually DOES get cold! (jk, there are a few parts that do). I’m in a tiny town called Ballarat which is in the highlands of Victoria. Because we’re up so high we get all the cold and sometimes snow. Mostly just sleet though. And no. Cold over heat for the win 😉

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      2. I wish you a very snowy 40 below either F or C, they are pretty much the same, winter of true contentment. And in case you say it never gets that cold, I’ve seen it more than once and I wasn’t content! Gimme the sun and heat, we all want what we don’t have.

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  4. Good Morning! I like this side of Roda. She needs to come out a little more often. I am in full agreement that humidity comes from an evil source. I wonder if your force field will work all day in this heat. Stay inside. I don’t go out over 60 degrees. Walking two avenues to the subway over 60 degrees causes me to sweat. So I stay inside with the AC, or I could just melt. 🙂 Sending random frozen droplets to appear at all the right times today!

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      1. Honestly… yes. I have some body temperature issues. I feel the heat moe than others. So I sweat in 60 degrees and it just makes me feel yucky. It’s a clean sweat. But I still hate the feeling. I also never turn the heat on the winter. It’s too much for me. Lol.

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      2. Wow, I feel really sorry for you since you live in the city. I’m sure 60F feels a lot hotter there than here in the country. So much pavement! If you don’t use heat, it’s a good thing your little dog has fur!

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      3. Jay has coolant issues. Sorry, Jay, I make you sound like a car! I will not give wrath to someone who has VALID reasons. Plus, he lives in the urban jungle. He gets points for that. You on the other hand, do not!

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      4. And I don’t have a coolant issues? I could bring up the fact that the heat triggers my heat and pressure induced hives and when things get bad, I look like a strawberry, covered in a fiery, blotchy rash. But, if I shared that, it might sound like I am wanting sympathy. My reasons are valid… Every stinking one of them! 😜

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      5. Since you adore wifey and side with her all the time, how about this. She is a physician. I will give her your email and she will let you know how nasty Roda gets when she’s covered in hives from the heat. It’s not pretty!!!

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      6. Hahaha, I still side with her! Pics!!! Of course, that would mean that you would have to actually experience the discomfit of the hives and then I’d truly win!!! I’d be like… aww, you really do get hivey and then I’d do some mustasche twiddling (thanks superwifeandmummy for that phrase) and point out to you that you were willing to go THAT far to prove me wrong.

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      7. “Honestly… yes. I have some body temperature issues. I feel the heat moe than others. So I sweat in 60 degrees and it just makes me feel yucky” He has body temperature issues. He uses no heat in the winter. I won’t give him a hard time for that. You, on the other hand, I will give a hard time to all day long!


      8. Dear, amazing Linda… Did you not read my humidity post? If that does not show that I have body temperature issues I don’t know what does! Granted, I enjoyed the banter so keep it coming!

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  5. Oh, I sooo feel you. It is
    hell all summer long over here. But this summer, as I was sitting in my no AC apartment (hopefully not for long) i realized that a person can get used to everything and find a beauty in every single life situation as long he is living in love. From that moment, it really didn’t matter anymore 😊

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  6. Roda, I will side with you on this one. I have it from a good sources than in fact fairies do not like humidity either, it frizzes their wings. So stay inside where it is cool. That’s what the fairies do.🍄

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    1. They might stay inside, but I can tell you for sure that they don’t have A/C. Even when my dragons are around they don’t go running for artificial coolness. They are greener than that, though not as green as my dragons.

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  7. You set the AC at 68 degrees I would freeze to death in that and we live in Texas. It is extremely humid here our temps are 96 – 99 most every day. Our thermostat has an hour by hour set up so the mornings until about 3 pm it is set at 74 degrees at night it is set at 72 degrees. If we are outside working a lot during the heat on the weekends sometimes I will bump it down a few degrees.I had to change my gravatar name and make a few other changes in cases your wondering lol.

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