Always Take A Risk

During our 10 hour + drive home from Copper Harbor, we always try to find interesting places to stop along the way.  Although the view is beautiful, there is not a wealth of choices along the journey home.  Plus, we always have to keep in mind that if we choose to make a stop, our trip home will become even longer.  We have been visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula for years and made the assumption that we had discovered all of the roadside treasures…but, we were so wrong!

At the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula is the city of L’Anse.  We have never traveled into the little town, but there is a roadside stop along US-41, about 15 miles south of L’Anse.  We have never stopped…ever!  We had read in one of our new trail books that there was a trail to a waterfall at this site, so we added it to our list of “quick” stops for the way home.  Within a mile of hiking, I was speechless!  Yes, Roda had no words…

Here is our mile hike…

UP 2017 566
I was in love with the terrain instantly…you know why!!  Fairies!
UP 2017 567
Truly a tree hugger!
UP 2017 574
The beautiful Sturgeon River
A few little rapids
UP 2017 577
The Fairies were naughty here!  At least I captured one!
UP 2017 592
The trees…
UP 2017 591
There is something about the roots of an old cedar tree…magical!
The river’s edge
The stories and poems I could weave from this photo alone…magical!
UP 2017 583
The water started to become more alive and from a distance, we could hear the rushing of falling water.
UP 2017 598
The rocky river’s edge quickly became a very boxy canyon ridge.
UP 2017 597
Once again, I was enamored by the vegetation.
UP 2017 601
Such a gorgeous rocky ridge line!
UP 2017 604
We thought the falls were the highlight of the trail…but, it was what came after the falls that was the true gem of the trail!
UP 2017 607
The river gorge…if only photos could do it justice!
UP 2017 600
What’s around the corner…
There are no words…
We felt the trail had come to an end.  What else would you think when a large, mossy wall of stone was staring directly at you!?
UP 2017 620
At the end of the mossy wall we found stairs…  Rocky stairs, that led up along the trail,which followed the edge of the gorge, beyond what an eye could see.  Those stairs would remain there for another adventure, on another day…

Always remember to take a risk…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




18 thoughts on “Always Take A Risk

  1. Beautiful photography Roda. We get to see through your eyes and know some of your thoughts but we must provide the feeling of wonder. This post made that so easy. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very awesome pix! Love the shot of the tree fairies… but it looks like they were in the process of creating a heart.
    When I lived in Michigan, I was able to capture the fairies.
    Since being in southern California, the fairies are way different and I have yet to capture their image. I will keep at it, till I succeed.
    Wonderful post and thanx for the re-memories of beautiful Michigan.

    Liked by 1 person

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