What to Do When You Hate Your Body

What a beautiful and powerful post, Shelly!
Thank you for allowing me to share.
As always…
Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…

Love is Stronger

Over 85% of girls and women in America hate or strongly dislike their bodies.[1] This is a statistic I heard years ago, and it greatly trouble me. Why do so many women hate their bodies? I wondered Why can’t we love ourselves? Why does body loathing afflict women so disproportionately? (This post is geared primarily towards women, but much of the advice also applies to men and also my friends who identify as non-binary and transgender.)

Why Women Hate Their Bodies

It is no wonder that we struggle so deeply with this issue. We live in a media-saturated society in which we are constantly barraged with images of perfect, air-brushed people, and advertisers make a great deal of money by makings us feel like we are flawed and gross and that their products will solve all of our problems.

In addition, historically women have be socialized to be docile…

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