“I Love You, But Not That Much…”

It all began with the 4th of July and a few pies…


Yesterday, I made a blueberry pie for the 4th of July. I love pie! Granted, I love chocolate even more, but pie is a close runner-up. I made a second blueberry pie for our amazing neighbors. We are truly blessed to have J and R living right next door. They are the kindest and most loving couple and they deserved a delicious blueberry pie.

We have what we call “Puppy Lane”, which is a path through the evergreen berm, between our two homes.  J and R raise Australian Labradoodles, which is how we came upon our sweet, adorable and chocolate Murphy.


I walked down Puppy Lane to deliver the warm, blueberry pie. In return, I was sent home with nothing other than a mini chocolate bundt cake. J loves cake more than life!  She purchases these amazing little cakes from a shop, not too far away from home. These little miniature delights are incredible! I blame her for my new addiction.

Keep in mind, I love cake! I especially love chocolate cake. I especially love chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked inside. I especially love chocolate cake, with chocolate chips baked inside and chocolate buttercream frosting. I love chocolate...plain and simple! Remember, dark chocolate is an antioxidant, therefore it is health food!

Before I left, R asked how I would hide the cake from the children, when I arrived home. I reassured him that my little chocolate bundt would not even make it back to the house.  He kindly offered me a fork for the walk, but I assured him that utensils would not be needed on this precious journey.  I wished him a happy holiday and slowly journeyed back through Puppy Lane.

Step by step, the chocolate sensation filled my entire soul. It was like Christmas morning in a tiny container. The birds were chirping, the sky was blue and I was eating mouth watering, lip smacking chocolate cake. Then, without notice, everything changed…

All of a sudden, with my fingers covered in gooey, chocolatey goodness, I realized I had been caught!  Wifey was on the tractor moving soil and saw me exiting Puppy Lane. I quickly tried to conceal my last big morsel of heaven, but I knew it was too late. As she approached, I offered her a bite, followed by these words, “But only half. I love you, but not that much.”

Standing there, I knew instantly that I was in a pickle! The chocolate cake had taken over my senses and had control of my every word.  Wifey did not look surprised by my comment and just shook her head, like usual, while enjoying her tiny bite of chocolate cake. As she walked away, I somehow knew that comment would bite me in the bottom, sooner than later…

A little while later, I found myself in a bit of a predicament… I was in the bathroom and I noticed an empty toilet paper holder.  I carefully looked in the cabinet above the potty for a new roll. Empty.  I started to panic, then I thought to myself, this is not a big deal.  Thanks to modern technology and having my phone with me,  I would just text Wifey and ask her for a simple TP delivery.  I did just that and she quickly responded…

“I love you, but not that much!”

And that I deserved!

Love yourself…Embrace Yourself, Just Be You…



40 thoughts on ““I Love You, But Not That Much…”

  1. Bahahahahaha ha! I loved this!! And I have to say, it’s the truest measure of love when it comes to sharing chocolate. We have a type of biscuit down under called Tim Tams. You have never known true choclately goodness unless you’ve had one of these bad boys. Problem is, the good folk at the biscuit company decided to put 11 in a pack… 11 does not divide by 2 equally. See where I’m going with this? Well, every time we get to that last little soldier sitting in the pack, dear hubby always says, ‘you have it’. How’s that for true love? ❤️ (Mind you, it only goes one way… I NEVER offer it to him!) 😉

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