365 Challenge: Day 114 – Earthy

I am passionate about Mother Earth! When I read Jay’s “Earthy” post this morning, I had to share. It is beautifully written and a powerful tribute. Thank you Jay, for sharing your gifts daily!

This Is My Truth Now

Earthy: resembling or suggestive of earth or soil


People have lived on the planet called Earth for millions of years. Billions if you count previous incarnations of plant and animal life. Many argue it was created during a cataclysmic explosion; others by the hands of a powerful god. No matter what you believe, it was one of the very first things to be discovered by humankind. Whether you slept on it as a baby, crawled on it as an infant, or played on it as a child, you must have fond memories of touching the soil, grass, waters and rocks that comprise what we call our land.

Our land. This land is our land. In America, those words are part of our our national canon of heritage songs. Many people attribute them the American Revolutionary War in the late 18th century, claiming our independence from another (won’t say who… too…

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