I have always had a very strong intuitive side.  I find myself immediately pulled to people and their emotions. I can’t help but check in and ask how a person is, regardless if I actually know them. I trust the pull.  I have learned to not only trust in it, but follow it. My family avoids going to the grocery store with me, for they say, “But Mom…strangers stop you and start sharing their life story!”.  And, they are right.  But, what if I am the only human interaction that person has all day?  Is it really too much to take 5 minutes out of my day to listen to someone and validate their thoughts?  Never! 

My birthday is 11-11. I see these numbers often.   I will look at the clock for no reason and 11:11 will be staring at me. I do not know much about numerology, but I love my birthday, so I think these numbers are pretty special!


Trust your gut instinct for it is a beautiful gift.  Listen and quiet your mind. Let your intuition be your path, your guide… your superhero!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself… Just Be You…


54 thoughts on “11-11

  1. 11-11 is very often mentioned in a Spirituality as a symbol that ”you are on the right path” or ”you are in alignment”. I have read about this long time ago, but just recently started to notice 11-11 everywhere and i am very happy about that. You are absolutely right, what if those 5 minutes random talk means everything for someone else? Good point!

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  2. Hmmm. INFJ? No. ENFP I’d say 🤗
    Funny about 11:11. I’ve always felt that particular minute of the day was bad luck, and if I ever find myself aware of the time at 11:11 I will stand absolutely still so I don’t do anything to incur bad luck!

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  3. This is such a good reminder, Roda! I appreciate it. I am an academic, and it is really easy for me to get stuck in my head and in logic (I am a philosopher!) I have learned so much over the past few years to trust my intuition, emotions, and gut. This post was a helpful reminder for me. Thank you!

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    1. I am glad it was helpful! At times, I wish I could think more logically. I wonder if it would be less painful,at times, than feeling everything.


  4. I love this! I live my life by intuition! When I go on photo shoots I just run on instinct, my boyfriend however is very logical and when photographing he is all about thinking it through. My birthday is also the 11th but in may instead, I consider 11 my lucky number and I see it everywhere! I look at the clock at 11:11 everyday almost.

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