A Few Garden Friends

I have been distracted by critters, yet again! This time of year, I am pulled to bumbles and dragonflies!   I could observe them for hours.  Although I am still in the research phase, my goal is to eventually raise honey bees on our farm. Until then, I will continue to plant as many “bee helpful” plants as possible and avoid chemicals! Watch for next week’s  post, featuring the best “bee friendly” plants for your garden!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend and everything it has to offer! I hope you are able to wander outside and capture Mother Nature at work! She is truly Magical!

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself… Just Be You…


26 thoughts on “A Few Garden Friends

  1. Don’t you just love the bugs this time of year? I saw the most delicate damselfly yesterday and it was just beautiful. I have a plant blooming right now that the bees are crazy for. I think it’s a type of yarrow, but I’ll have to check. There are five or six umbels in bloom and every one of them had at least three bees on it.

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  2. If you need advice on flow hives, I can help with that! I’ve put 3 together for my boss who started 3 honeybee colonies just last month!
    Awesome pictures!

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      1. I see. Flow hives are pretty awesome and they seem to have the least amount of impact and stress on the human and the bees. I would definitely give those a look if you haven’t already. And they make less expensive generic ones. He got his off eBay. His houses 3000 bees a piece.

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  3. I love your friends!
    Bees are awesome! Like most of nature, they seem to take only 10% of their surroundings before moving off to another area.
    As you say, we are nature. Imagine the day when we take only 10%. 😀

    When I lived in MI, an acquaintance had 10 acres of land. She went to local beekeepers and offered to rent an acre or so of her land to them. She had prime plants for bees. A beekeeper brought 50 – 100 boxes of bees and placed them on her land.
    In return, she got two free cases of honey/year. 1 case creamy, 1 case raw.
    She would give most away for others to enjoy.

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