Easily Distracted By Bugs!

It seems that getting to the barn in the morning, takes me longer and longer in the summer.  One would think the reason would be sleeping in, especially with the kiddos on summer vacation, but that is not the case.  Bugs!  Bugs are my issue.  I am distracted by critters! Here are images, of a few of the friends, I met up with this morning…





Take the time to stop, listen and observe your surroundings.  You never know what magical critters you might encounter!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


25 thoughts on “Easily Distracted By Bugs!

    1. I read your butterfly post and I was thinking the same thing. I know it is butterfly season, but when it is the same black and yellow butterfly that appears to be trying to tell me something…simply magical!

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      1. Definitely magical. I sometimes resent that my desk-bound work (albeit from home) inhibits me from getting outside with my camera. I find that observing the smaller forms of life with camera in hand is a form of awareness meditation, even if one never gets to actually take a pic.

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