Be Still…

Today, my thoughts are with my Dad…  He was a wise man, filled with much love, strength and amazing work ethic.   I know he would be proud of the woman I am today…β™₯


Every picture tells a story…  I love the look on my Dad’s face in this photograph.  It was my college graduation and he was so proud of me.  He had the cutest little grin…my Dad had such a mischievous side!


My twins don’t remember their Grandfather, but my oldest son does.  Dad loved cards!  We would sit at his kitchen table and play cards for hours. As soon as “Bug” was old enough, Dad taught him how to play War.  Even now, at age 16, Bug loves cards and board games. This photo brings tears to my eyes… it still hangs on my son’s bulletin board, from so many years ago.

May today be filled with love and gratitude, as you celebrate that special Dad in your life.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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