Fairies at Dusk

When I was a little girl, I would run through the backyard with a mason jar, filled with grass and twigs, waiting to catch fairies at dusk. It was a good thing the mosquitoes never liked my blood. Although, I was afraid of the dark, I could not stay away from this summer ritual.

After filling my jar with numerous glowing fairies, I would quietly creep back into the house and into my bed. Gently, I would position the jar on its side and carefully slide it under my pillow.   I had my nightlight… My fairies kept the three-eyed monsters, that lived under my bed, at bay.   I was safe from the reality of my own imagination.

At daybreak, I would head outside, feeling the morning chill against my pale skin and the dewdrops between my toes.  It was time to release my fairies, only to catch them again that evening.  A smile would fill my face, for I could hear their giggles, as they playfully flew away into the sun’s rays.

Tonight was that night… The night the fairies were out in full force. I could hear them flit past my face, as their wings fluttered in flight. Unlike those childhood nights, tonight I let them fly freely. But soon, just one more time, I will catch them in that old, glass mason jar. Maybe, I will try to take a photograph…  Or maybe, I will just take in their beauty, leaving another memory painted in my soul for all eternity…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Dedicated to my Fairy Soul Sister, Rhapsody


17 thoughts on “Fairies at Dusk

  1. I do believe in fairies! I do, I do! I love this post. I loved being a kid and having all the innocents of the world on my side. Now I love sharing that same innocents with my grand daughter. She and I go on walks and adventures looking for fairies. Thanks Roda – for a good morning smile. Xoxoxo

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  2. I’m touched beyond means my beautiful fairy sister. My heart was filled with joy reading your lines as I pictured your words come to live, seeing you run at dusk to capture the imagination that would keep you safe at night. I was reminded of what a beautiful spirit you are, not that a reminder was necessary. And then I came to the end and saw then dedication of your post to me. Once again you leave me in awe, filled with appreciation and gratitude as you fill my heart with love and warmths.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Xoxo 💙

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  3. Reblogged this on RhapsodyBohème and commented:
    Just the other day I wrote a post titled A moment in time, sharing my experience with a former coworker and pointing out that it doesn’t take much on our part to make someone’s day a little brighter. And once again this is exactly what my friend Roda did here, dedicating this beautiful, full of magic post to me. Every time something like this happens or I get nominated for an award, it seems to flood my heart with emotions of gratitude and feelings that I struggle to articulate. I’m truly blessed to have found so many wonderful people here on wordpress and this blog has made such a big difference to me. It has allowed me to help and inspire a few people, but on a yet bigger scale it has inspired me and strengthens my faith in humanity and all things good. Leading a busy life and falling into a routine often presents a struggle to engage with such people in real life. I mean the people we meet in person as we rush past each other and chase our obligations, trying to cram everything into a day that never seems to be long enough to accomplish it all. This post made me pause yet again as I wonder how many wonderful opportunities we pass up each day! How many inspirational stories of survival and fighting for our beliefs stand before us and we never know. How many of us rush by such precious childhood memories of catching fairies to protect and keep us safe!
    Thank you for this beautiful tribute and reminding me of all the wonders big and small my dear fairy sister. You are one in a million and as I say it again that if you still haven’t visited Roda’s blog, “Well what are you waiting for?”. The world / we all need inspiration and she truly is a master of empowering everybody to live their full potential. XOXO

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