“Focus” on Living

Focus – Weekly Photo Challenge

A few days ago, we lost all six newly hatched chicks…so we thought.  We were unsure what critter entered the barn, climbed over the horse stall door and into the brooding area, during the middle of the day.  We found the remains of only 5 chicks, so we assumed our Ms. Dot had been completely consumed or carried off.  Saddened, we buried the chicks and continued to be puzzled by the entire event.

The next morning, I meandered out to the barn to do morning chores.  As I was picking up horse poo near the stall doors, I heard a peeping echoing from the middle stall.  Could it be?  Could that be the voice of our sweet Ms. Dot? (We named her Ms. Dot because she had a small black spot on the top of her head.)  I quickly made my way into the barn.  (The middle stall is used for storage and brooding chickens, so there is plenty of places for a tiny chick to take cover.)  I followed her “peeps” and there she was, hidden between the aviary panels that were leaned against the stall wall.

I quickly scooped her up and immediately took this photo, with my cell phone, to send to Wifey at work.  I was so excited that Ms. Dot was alive and well! I was not considering focus, lighting or framing…  I was just elated that she was still with us.

Ms. Dot
That evening, as I was looking through my garden photos from the day, I came across this shot.  I was presently surprised.  Although much of the photo was dark, I loved the white back lighting from the morning sun, that was shining through the top of the stall door.  It seemed fitting, considering the events that had taken place over the past 24 hours.  Dot had an angelic, morning glow about her, for she was alive and Focused on Living

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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