The Final Kitchen Reveal!

As of June 9, our kitchen remodel was officially complete!  I am over the moon excited to make up for lost time in the kitchen. Watch for some yummy recipes coming your way soon!


Over the past three years, we have been remodeling our entire home, top to bottom, including almost 50 windows.  When we decided to build the barn in the Spring of 2014, we knew we were committed to staying here.   We even told the children that we would like our ashes spread in the flower gardens!   We love our Indigo Acres! It represents all things we cherish most: love, family, and nature. But after 20 years, it was time for some updates!

We enjoyed incorporating heart rocks, from our adventures, into the design.

When we started the remodeling projects, we wanted a company that would think outside of the box and be able to handle two very ambitious and creative women!  We had a vision and just needed a company that could make it so!  It has been a long three years, but so worth it!

We try to keep things clean and simple, allowing the outdoors to shine inside.
We love rocks! Incorporating the pebble back-splash was the perfect addition!
This is where I am sitting at this very moment! We are waiting on frosted/textured glass for these cabinets.  So technically we are 98% complete!


The living room opens into the kitchen, so we wanted to make sure there was a natural flow between the two rooms.  My favorite color is green and Wifey’s favorite color is blue, so choosing a color theme was a piece of cake!  Keep in mind, the kitchen cabinets and flooring was previously maple.  Over the past 20 years, everything has yellowed.  We really did not want to replace the trim and doors throughout the entire house.  The mango kitchen table helps the light trim and original doors feel like they belong.

So there you have it!  Our remodeling is complete!  It is full on gardening season, so any further decorating is on hold until Fall.  We like to take some time to just live with the newness, before adding the little additions.   Also, Mother Nature is calling!  Unless you hear thunder and lightning, you will find me outside!

As always…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




40 thoughts on “The Final Kitchen Reveal!

  1. It looks great. Clean and simple but also comfy and inviting. Love the pebbles and the blue and green colour scheme. The natural wood is gorgeous and adds a lovely warmth. In between gardening, enjoy it!

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  2. Oh wow that’s nice. And everything looks so neat and clean. Sandrine and I are both very messy and admire people who manage to keep their home neatly organized. ( in fact ours is a bit like the garden you saw – let’s call it artistic … 😂 )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness… it is gorgeous!!! I love, I love, I love! Can I just come cook in it just once?. I will fly from SA just for it. Totally beautiful!

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  4. That kitchen looks amazing. Love the pebble backsplash great addition. Remodeling is such an adventure that is for sure. I feel like when you remodel or add something to your property that is what defines the space as your own it puts your mark on it. That is what makes it personal. Now back to cooking in that new kitchen.

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