Hay, Goats and ABBA, Oh My! Part II

Sunday was the big day!  It was time to tackle 270 bales of hay, as quickly as possible, before we melted from the heat!  We were already feeling “sticky” just walking out to the barn!  With water bottles in hand, we had a plan and we were ready to have some fun…at least this Mom was!  Just a few posts ago, I shared with you how much a little ABBA can help with those not-so-enjoyable tasks.  So, why not add a little ABBA to “Hay Day”!  I have to admit, I enjoy torturing my children with a little blast from the past!

Who needs a gym?!  Our workout is free!

I think my enthusiasm annoys my teenagers at times.  But, I would like to think that they will look back some day and appreciate the fact that growing up was always an adventure!  So with a little ABBA  for background music, we were ready to begin our assembly line.  “Boo” loves to climb on top of the wagon, and throw the bales down to Wifey.  Wifey then brings them into the hay barn to El.  El then delivers them to me to stack in a specific pattern, allowing for air flow around the bales.  “Bug”, our oldest, is highly allergic to hay and becomes covered with welts.  Due to this, we give him a break and let him miss the fun! Today, we were lucky to have one of my former students and friend of the twinners, to help us out!  Having a second set of hands made lifting the bales above my head much easier.

In the beginning, everyone was loaded with energy and ready to go.  Back by popular demand is another “Roda meets ABBA” video…


We stopped for short breaks, to cool off and hydrate, every 50 bales.   By the last 50, I swear the bales were twice as heavy as they were when we started!  At this point, even ABBA couldn’t keep us perky!  We were drenched with sweat, exhausted and feeling “hangry”, (hungry + angry) due to needing to eat lunch.  Yet, we preserved and finished!

We stack the new hay in the back. The hay in the front is from last season and will be used up over the next month.  We need 450-500 bales of hay to feed our animals for the year.

I did not mention to the crew that there would be another load of hay coming in about a month.  I think I will let that be a surprise!  Until then, it is time for this Farmer Girl to rest and Be Still…


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You



29 thoughts on “Hay, Goats and ABBA, Oh My! Part II

  1. Impressive! Though it looks exhausting, the ABBA workout is hilarious and not a song I recognized until I Googled and found it was from “Rock Me” (I think?) from 1975!!! Wonder what the goats think of ABBA? By some mysterious lateral process I now have “Pick a bale of cotton” on the brain and I had always thought that ABBA songs had the ability to obliterate all else 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You think so? *Smile*
        Hmmm, spurned love hurts like hell when you are 16!

        Mamma Mia. She refused to Take a Chance on Me, even when I asked, Voulez Vous. Even though I was Head Over Heels, to her it was all Money Money Money.

        No Abba for me, thanks.
        They were my Waterloo. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Maybe if you find that box of old pictures and look through them, it will come to you! It drives me crazy when I can’t remember someone’s name!


      3. I doubt it. We met in a nightclub. It was one evening and that was all.
        One of those memories one tends to smile about like a nitwit which causes baffled looks from others.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. But, When All is Said and Done, work is the Name of the Game! So I say, Thank you for the Music, for Giving it to me! ☺️💚


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