Hay, Goats and ABBA, Oh My! Part I

This weekend, the farm focus was to finish planting the garden.  Needless to say, this did not happen due to one word…HAY!  We have come to expect, from past experience, that we will receive the call that our hay is ready on the first 90 degree day of the season.  And, once again, we were not disappointed!  270 bales of hay were going to be delivered on Saturday evening.

270 bales of hay in the wagon, 270 bales of hay.  Take one down, stack it around, 270 bales of hay on the wagon.  (As you can see, my brain is fried!)
Let the domino effect begin!  Due the extreme cold of our Winters, we move the goats’ run in front of the hunter green hay barn, beginning in November.  The hay barn is not only a great wind block, but the dark coloring of the siding absorbs heat from the sun, thus adding a little extra warmth for the goats.  There is only one problem with this…the goats have to be moved from this area to make way for the hay wagons.  Guess what!?  When we received the call Saturday afternoon that our hay was ready and would be delivered in a few hours, panic set in.  We had to move the goats fast!


Now keep in mind, Diny, Oatmeal, Pippin and Sam are NAUGHTY!  I love them with all of my heart, but they drive me insane all at the same time.  Knowing we did not have a lot of time to spare, we needed them cooperate.  This did NOT happen!  Within minutes, these four musketeers managed to devour three apple trees, break into the barn, bite my bottom (OUCH) and assisted with opening the zip tie bag! I have included a short video of Diny in action!



Like I said, they are NAUGHTY.  We spent the next few hours pulling and pounding posts, moving cattle panels and chasing goats.  There was even some figurative language used!

“Boo” came out and gave us a hand at pounding posts!

The goats’ new home includes two large shade trees, which they love during the hot summer months!
We were finished by 10:00 pm, just in time for the hay wagons to arrive!  Sunday was going to be a busy day!   As we always say here at Indigo Acres…Do what you love…Love what you do!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



13 thoughts on “Hay, Goats and ABBA, Oh My! Part I

  1. Sounds a bit like a 3 ring circus lol. Animals just know when you’re in a hurry so they have to get all the attention one way or another. Why on earth did the people bringing you hay toss the hay in the wagons like that instead of stacking it? I have never seen anyone do it like that. I hope they gave you a discount for all the broken bales.

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      1. Here they bail and the bails are in the pasture. A truck and trailers are nearby normally picking up 60# bails chunking them on the trailer. Someones on the trailer stacking them nice and neatly. That is the for the square bails. For the round bails they bail they pasture and leave them and then tractors move them to the location or load them on the trailers 3 or so at a time.

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      2. I am just glad I only have to unload them and put them in my Haybarn. I can’t believe the work to grow and cut hay! The weather is so unpredictable which makes it a guessing game!


      3. My father in law use to grow cane hay. He had it bailed but he was very picky about 60# bails they had to be bailed with twine not wire. He did not like round bails at all. I tried to be a hay chunker back then that did not work out to well lol.

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