My View From the Purple Chair

Spring is an extremely busy time of year at Indigo Acres. Winter cleanup on the farm is a daunting and huge task.  Once Spring finally arrives, I am pulled to be in the gardens. Seedlings are sprouting and ready to be transplanted into the warm, rich soil. I love new beginnings and Spring is filled with them. Yet, this time of year, I have to find a balance…balance between Winter’s clean up and Springs rebirth.

Do you ever find yourself spending more energy thinking and worrying about a specific task than it would have taken to just complete it?  I do… This is when I find myself sitting in the purple chair, looking out at the barn and watching the horses.  I have to remind myself to just STOP. SIT. BREATHE. My constant goal is to find joy in everything I do.  Some tasks are just easier than others.

Cleaning chicken houses is one task that I do not overly enjoy.  Although I love the ladies, I am not thrilled about their mess. Because I am very much a type-A  personality, I like their houses cleaned monthly.  Keep in mind, I don’t care about being filthy and animal poo does not phase me in the least. This task is just one that has to be done and there’s not a whole lot of joy involved.   Yet still, I could have had these three houses cleaned, five times over, considering the amount of time I have spent thinking about completing this particular task.

So while sitting in my lovely purple chair, I decided to try a new approach to cleaning chicken houses and it involves one word…ABBA!   For me, there is no way to stop bubbling joy, emerging from my soul, when I hear Dancing Queen or Fernando. I’m going to try a new kind of chicken dance on the farm today!  If you are lucky, I might even have a little video to share later!

I love my view from the purple chair. When I take the time to stop and just listen, life feels manageable again. I remind myself to focus on my blessings, embrace gratitude and live in the moment.  More importantly, I always remind myself that when I feel like I don’t have time for meditation or to just “sit in the purple chair”, that is probably the time I need to the most.

Take a few minutes for yourself today. Find your “purple chair” and just sit…breathe…and embrace gratitude.

As Always,

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself… Just Be You…


9 thoughts on “My View From the Purple Chair

  1. Have fun with your chicken dance! I love Abba! I love your post. Your writing is so beautifully descriptive. Your post makes me stop and think about some of the things in my own daily life and how I want to achieve them. Thank you!

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