Up Close and Personal

While visiting the Chicago Botanical Gardens, I had the opportunity to examine some amazing flowers, up close and personal.  (I might have even caught a glimpse of a woodland fairy, dancing in the breeze!) The sun was extremely bright, which added an extra challenge to the day’s photography goals. Unable to fight Mother Nature, I tried to use the sun’s rays to my advantage.  Over all, it was a pretty successful day!  Here are some highlights…enjoy!

Purple Allium
Pure Peony
Poppy Passion
The bark of the Paper Bark Maple
Paper Bark Maple
Crimson Bearded Iris
Double Siberian Iris
Poppy Sunshine
The Delicate Rhododendron
Sun Touched Hydrangea

“Your ability to see beauty and possibility is proportionate to the level at which you embrace gratitude.” ~Author Unknown

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You


💚  This post is dedicated to Wifey…

 She is the reason I bloom daily! She believes in me, makes me feel beautiful and brings joy to every moment of my life.  I am blessed to have found my soulmate so many birthdays ago…

Happy Birthday, Hon! 💚💙


13 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

  1. Roda, they are all so beautiful!!!! Poppy passion is definitely radiant. Pure Peony, Double Siberian Iris and the Delicate Rhododendron are my favourites. Thanks as always Roda for capturing the beauty out there and this is just a small fraction of what is out there.

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  2. Ah what a lovely post dedicated to your partner! I’ve never seen a paper barked maple before! How fascinating! It’s interesting seeing so many plants that I do recognise! The world is a small place really isn’t it? Thank you so much for linking up to #MyGloriousGardens. I will put it on my Twitter and Facebook page. I hope it gives you a little more traffic and you get to meet other great bloggers! X

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