Furry & Feathered Friends

Friend: Weekly Photo Challenge

I spend most of my days interacting with more animals than humans.  For me, I can’t imagine life any other way.  Animals are my therapy.  They bring peace to my soul and fill my heart with joy.    When I left my career in education, I was asked, numerous times, the following question… “Won’t you be lonely?”   I am NEVER lonely.  Animals listen.  Animals communicate.  Animals feel.  These photographs capture the unique and special friendships we have with many of our critters, at Indigo Acres…

Tico is a 3 year old Rhode Island Red and she is packed full of attitude!
Baby Sam with my sweet El.
Magic, Leo and Wifey
Magic and Velvet are naughty when they are together!
Velvet and I have a magical connection
This photo says it all!
Mommy & Murph
Cat Love


A kiss from Pippin
Mommy & Merlin
Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes…

“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul.” ~A.D. Williams

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




32 thoughts on “Furry & Feathered Friends

  1. Awesome, awesome Roda feel so nice and fresh reading your words and yes this life that you are living is so perfect and what better than to be with animals. I too agree totally with you they are all beautiful souls and they sure can understand us very well and give us unconditional love. I too have a golden retriever and her name is Amber and she is adorable and we treat her as our baby never say she is a dog.

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  2. True. The crux of the problem is that we humans have become too cynical. Trust between people is always as issue. Not so with critters—they take us at face value. I suppose it’s because their instincts are so much sharper than ours.

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