A Few Garden Friends

I have been distracted by critters, yet again! This time of year, I am pulled to bumbles and dragonflies!   I could observe them for hours.  Although I am still in the research phase, my goal is to eventually raise honey bees on our farm. Until then, I will continue to plant as many “bee helpful” plants as possible and avoid chemicals! Watch for next week’s  post, featuring the best “bee friendly” plants for your garden!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend and everything it has to offer! I hope you are able to wander outside and capture Mother Nature at work! She is truly Magical!

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself… Just Be You…


Fruit and Curry Chicken Salad

DailyPost Prompt – Snack

When I contemplate summer meals, this recipe has been a favorite for years!  I rarely follow a recipe, so if it actually ends up written down on paper, I know it is here to stay for all of eternity!  The Fruit and Curry Chicken Salad is a light, refreshing meal or snack filled with flavor!  And, as long as your chicken is already cooked, you don’t even have to turn on the oven! Now that is a summer bonus! Continue reading “Fruit and Curry Chicken Salad”