Planting Time 

Memorial day weekend always kicks off an extremely busy week at Indigo Acres. It is finally time to pull hundreds of seedlings from the greenhouse and begin planting them in their permanent home. 🌱 It is also a time for seed planting.  We grow about 85 different varieties of fruits and vegetables and are always looking for new and unique varieties.  Bok Choy, artichoke and apricots are the exciting additions to our garden this year.

Because we live in Michigan, the days can range from 60-90 degrees. One never knows what Mother Nature has in store for us!  Black plastic is used on the tomato, pepper, and melon beds, to help elevate soil temperatures. Bonus… There are no weeds able to grow in those beds!


This year, the herb garden has been expanded, with many new varieties and additions! Fresh herbs are a great addition when cooking and making tea.   Herbs are also dried and stored to be used throughout our cold, winter months. There is nothing like the fresh smell of cilantro, thyme or lavender.  If you don’t have space for a garden, herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow in containers, on your deck or porch!

This is our first cilantro harvest of the season.

Our hoop house allows us to extend the season for heat loving vegetables like peppers and tomatoes! Click on the following link to see how we constructed our first hoop house!

Tomato blossoms in the hoop house
Pepper blossoms are beginning to form.

Tomorrow is another busy planting day!  Always remember, to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


13 thoughts on “Planting Time 

  1. I hope your planting went well. Love the pictures. The thing I love about Cilantro is the smell and it makes such a pretty plant. Our wintergreen, peppermint and chocolate mint are starting to smell pretty good I read snakes hate mint so I might move some near the pond lol.

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  2. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow✨ I like that. love the pictures, I’d love to have a garden or green house one day. I should plant some cilantro for my guinea pigs lol

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  3. Beautiful and this reminds of a saying I never forgot. “Plant the seeds to grow the flowers”. In a way we plant seeds every day and it is up to us what it is that we harvest. Thank you for always bringing so much joy with all,of your posts.

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