Grocery Store Etiquette

I have so enjoyed sharing my Big Island Adventure Series with everyone, but after a little trip this morning, I felt the need to share an entirely different type of adventure…the grocery store!  By doing so, Wifey might be saved from my 50,000 word chatter about this experience, when she arrives home this evening!

Roda’s Grocery Store Etiquette…

*Let’s follow the rules of the road – This is not difficult.  Doing so will save everyone involved from cart jams, aisle slow downs, unnecessary cart crashes, and finger pinches.

*No cell phones! – Is it necessary to play Candy Crush or feed your pigs on Hay Day while shopping?  By keeping your eyes on the road and your cart in motion, you keep aisle traffic moving and product blocking at a minimum.

*Return items where they belong – Everyone changes their mind, from one time to another. If this occurs, please don’t leave your ring of pickled bologna or cottage cheese in the feminine hygiene aisle…or any aisle for that matter.  Return the item to its proper home.  Please and thank you!

*Soup Aisle Mediation Practices – Campbell soup has not changed in 50 years!  Is there a secret meeting in this specific part of the store?  Why is there always a major traffic jam in front of the little soup cans? Am I missing out on secret soup meditation practices?

*Cart return! – As many of you know, I LOVE my Mini Cooper, Vern.  She becomes very depressed when an out of control cart bruises her candy apple red skin. Please be respectful to the cars and their feelings by returning your cart to the appropriate place.

Ok…I feel better now!  Thank you for saving Wifey from my grocery store rant.  Trust me, she thanks you! I am going to go and eat some of the amazing Hippeas I discovered!  Who doesn’t want to eat an entire bag of organic chickpea puffs!  By the way, the “Far Out Fajita” flavor is outstanding!

“I Love You all, from my head… To-Ma-Toes”

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




12 thoughts on “Grocery Store Etiquette

  1. You just outlined all the reasons why I hate going grocery shopping. Besides the Hippea part of course! I worked in retail for many years. People do not understand so we are definitely grateful for caring souls like yours!

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      1. Of course. I am always amazed at how many people don’t pull over. Or the day, I was at Target with my 2 year old and we needed some pedialyte. One women was standing in front of it having a VERY LOUD CONVERSATION. I am standing there waiting for her to move but she doesn’t. I had to resort to glaring before she moved.

        I guess the world is full of all types.

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