Expect the Unexpected 

Weekly Photo Challenge – Heritage

I have decided to stick with this week’s Hawaiian theme, for the Weekly Photo Challenge. If you are following my Big Island Adventure Series, I promise you will learn more about this stunning stone in upcoming posts.

Meet Ku’ula!  He lives in Lapakahi State Historical Park, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Whether the day’s catch was large or small, the fisherman always gave a portion to the fishing god who lived within this stone. In return, he received fish in abundance.

I fell in love with Ku’ula!  Granted, I have a passion for stone!  Rocks hold the stories of the ages…listen closely and they just might speak to you…  Ku’ula smiled at me. Look closely and he just might smile at you as well!

Wifey and I collect rocks, shaped like hearts, that we find on our adventures! We have even incorporated one of our favorites into the kitchen remodel!

Remember, there is always more than what you see at first glance…💚

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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