Our Big Island Adventure: Part 1

​It has been almost 7 months since we returned from our 10 day adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii! I am still talking about it, thinking about it, and reliving it through the 1500+ photographs I took, while exploring this breathtaking island.  It was an adventure of a lifetime! 

We landed in Hilo at 11:00 pm.   It was dark and we were exhausted after a very long day of travel!

Hilo has about 43,000 residents and is called “the rainy old Hilo”, receiving approximately 278 days of rain per year.  This area is known for its shipping and fishing industry.

We planned only 1 day in the surrounding area of Hilo, so we were up bright and early!  We were so excited to see this view of Mauna Kea out our hotel window!  Mauna Kea is a giant post-shield volcano
On our way to explore downtown Hilo, we came across the most astounding trees!  Banyan trees!  I was in love!
Look Up!

Hilo is known for its extensive Farmers’ Market, held every Wednesday and Saturday!  We were in luck!  This multilingual, open-air marketplace was delightful!  Farmers sold exotic produce and fresh flowers from all areas of the big island!  We purchased our lunch and snacks for the day and were back in the car to continue our exploration!

Our next destination was the Tropical Botanical Garden. On our way, we decided to venture off the Hawai’i Belt Road and explore the 4 mile scenic detour that plunged into tropical growth, crossed water fed streams and was shaded by palms, draped in massive vines.  Wifey always likes to take the road less traveled!  I knew it was time to hang on!!  Throughout this stunning 4 mile drive, we saw mango, banana and hala trees.   Halfway along this breathtaking and hilly drive, at the Onomea Bay, was a beautiful botanical garden!  We were HOME!

This tropical botanical garden has trails meandering through a rain forest, with an outstanding ocean view, lily pond and a vast array of tropical plants.
I could have stayed in this very spot all day!
The orchids and other flowers were especially stunning! It was a dream to see some of my favorite tropical plants growing naturally, in their habitat.
The magical tree canopy!

Even the panoramic views couldn’t capture this botanical gift of nature!
It was hard to believe that stairs, winding downhill, from the forest, could lead to this powerful beauty!
I can still smell that warm, salty air!

After spending the afternoon in this magical place, we knew it was time to head back to the car and continue on our adventure.  During our walk back, through the winding trails, this adorable kitten came out of no where and right to Wifey.  This did not surprise me one bit, for Wifey is a cat magnet!  This apricot laced kitten was the sweetest little bug ever!  If we could have brought her back to the farm, we would have.  Feral cats are a huge problem on the Big Island. Wifey is shy and does not appreciate having her photo taken, but did not mind posing for this shot!

“Wifey & Apricot”
I wish I knew the name of this magical dark beauty!  I am still trying to find my answer!  Let me know if you can solve my flower mystery!

“Savor Life and All Its Magic” ~Author Unknown

Watch for Part II of our Big Island Adventure!  You won’t want to miss the Lava trees, the Puna District and the haunted Mackenzie State Park!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



28 thoughts on “Our Big Island Adventure: Part 1

  1. You’re such an adorable couple. The pictures from the Botanical Garden reminded me of some spots in Rio de Janeiro. I never thought Hawaii could have anything in common with Rio, but it does: nature. I’d be in love with that tree too. Incredible.

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  2. Wow, what a fantastic trip and you have some absolutely stunning photographs – I especially like the look of the Botanical Garden with the water in the rocky stream and then the view after going down those stairs! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How beautiful! You took very tempting photographs and certainly sold me on the place.

    I have only ever been to Oahu, and only for a few days to visit my brother on my way back from Taiwan. My brother did drive me around Oahu, which was lovely, but my parents visited him several times and went to many islands, including the big island. Now my brother lives in New Jersey. I love New Jersey, but it’s home and not exactly exotic. Maybe someday my hubby and I will travel to Hawaii together.

    Liked by 1 person

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