Unexpected Mama…

Meet Flower and Sunny!  

These two sweeties were suppose to be Cornish Cross meat chickens.  Well, very quickly, as their brothers and sisters more than doubled in size, we knew these two had to be stowaways!  

Flower and Sunny are the most friendly young hens I have ever known. There is something special about these two porcelain beauties. (I call them our love birds!) They are gentle and extremely affectionate.  As much as I had enjoyed spoiling them in the barn, I knew it was almost time for them to join the big girls. Transitioning baby animals is always difficult for me…yes, I even worry about the chickens. The chicken world is very much like the human world… If only everyone would be kind and play nice!

This past weekend, Flower and Sunny graduated to the big girl coop! I was relieved that it was a smooth transition for all. While the big girls lined the tiers of roosting poles at dusk, Sunny and Flower chose to sleep in a corner of the coop, huddled together…until last tonight, that is!

Meet Comet!

kittens 5-1-16 077

Comet is the queen of our chicken community!  She is one of two old girls remaining, from our first batch of laying hens.  She is extremely vocal and has a limp, much like a seasoned pirate.  Comet takes her job as Queen very seriously and never lets her guard down, so we thought…

As the sun was setting and chores were coming to a close, Wifey thought she would check on Flower and Sunny one last time.  Much to her surprise, this was what she observed, when she entered the coop…


Sunny and Flower were on the top roosting pole, and Comet, our Queen, had her wing over the young hens, providing warmth and comfort.  This unexpected Mama had literally taken these two young birds under her wing for the night.   Just think what the world would be like, if we all followed in Comet’s footsteps…

“Do small things with great love…” ~Mother Teresa

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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