Chicks and Ducks and Fox, Oh My!

I am passionate about every aspect of Mother Nature.  I feel most alive when I am outside, feeling the cool grass under my bare feet.   I completely understand the complexity of the circle of life, as well as the necessity of a food chain… until it involves our girls. We have a new visitor on the farm and he was NOT invited. Mr. Fox has decide to dine here at Indigo Acres and although he is stunningly beautiful, I am having a difficult time respecting and loving this sly creature.

Since Wifey tells me purchasing a gun is not an option, I must move to Plan B. Honestly, I think when it comes down to it,  I could never pull the trigger.  Although, I have been known to hit a possum over the head with a shovel, when its teeth were sunk into our 10 pound peking duck, Pip.  Maybe the whole shovel scene is the reason why Wifey is afraid to give an angry and pre-menapausal woman a gun!


Velvet is not pleased that Mr. Fox came to visit her!


Spring has sprung! This means that baby animals, not only on the farm, but in the surrounding woods, are abundant.  One would think that baby bunnies, as prolific as they are, would be good enough for sly Mr. Fox.  But no! Instead, he decides to head towards The Geriatric Chicken Condo.

Now, for those of you who have read my Geriatric Chicken Condo post from March, you understand how I feel about these lovely ladies. They have worked hard and deserve to retire in luxury. Yet, Mr. Fox sets his sites not only on the old girls, but a farm favorite… dear, sweet “Big White Chicken”. Yes, that is her name, Big White Chicken. She is big, fluffy, and white. To top it off, she is truly the largest chicken on the farm. She loves to venture out into the gardens and scratch for insects. I consistently remind her that her wanderlust is bound to get her in trouble one day, yet she never listens!

Last week, as I glanced out our bedroom window towards the barn, there stood the evil Mr. Fox, with Big White Chicken in his mouth. When I contemplate this scene presently, I find it a bit humorous!   Big White Chicken appeared much larger than the Evil One himself!  I am not even sure how he fit her gigantic, feathered body into his slender mouth?

Before I could finish my sentence, stating that Mr. Fox had Big White Chicken in his mouth,  Wifey ran out of the house, towards evil Mr. Fox yelling, “Drop that chicken!”  (Yet, another very funny scene!) Fearing Wifey’s wrath, Mr. Fox immediately dropped Big White Chicken and slunk back towards the woods. In the meantime, Big White Chicken hustled her chubby booty back to the Geriatric Chicken Condo. Fortunately, Big White was left unharmed, with just a few ruffled feathers.

What does all of this mean? A weekend of pounding posts and adding more fencing. We have observed the Evil One continually traveling from the same wooded area. Yesterday, Wifey and I spent the day determined to block his path.  At this point, to access the chickens and ducks, Mr. Fox will have to climb fences or go at least 3 acres around the house, across the driveway and back through the horse pastures. Between the new barricades and Wifey scaring him to death, by flailing and bellowing through the yard, we are hoping he will find a new establishment for his daily dining.

Thought…  Maybe I could talk Wifey into a bow and arrow?  But, I probably shouldn’t push my luck…

So, on this beautiful Spring Monday, I leave you with a bit of advice from the sly Mr. Fox…

Rely on your instincts.

Be Bright Eyed and Bushy-Tailed.


Be Curious!

As Always,

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




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