Be Still…

One of my favorite places to visit, in West Michigan, is The Frederick Meijer Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park. Each Spring, hundreds of butterflies and moths, from around the world, are hatched and released in the large tropical greenhouse.  There is something so breathtaking about these “Flutterbys”.  Being surrounded by “butterflies”, which we all know are fairies in disguise, is truly a magical experience! 

Today, take a moment and Be Still.   Invite happiness to silently land on the palm of your hand and fill your heart.  It is never too late to transform yourself and allow your beauty to shine.  Always be true to you, spread your wings and soar…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


7 thoughts on “Be Still…

  1. I often use the term, flutterbys for butterflies. 😀
    Wonderful post! I lived 6 decades in Michigan…and never ever visited the gardens you write about. Thank you for sharing this and the images are fantastic!

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    1. It is truly magical! They opened a large Japanese garden last year which is lovely. If you love art and gardening it is the perfect blend. If you ever get back to West Michigan, I highly recommend visiting

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