A Little Heat!

  Danger! Weekly Photo Challenge

I am not a risk taker.  I prefer to keep my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth.  When I contemplate the Weekly Photo Challenge topic DANGER, two thoughts come to mind…

  • Pumpkin, our deadly barn cat
  • A live volcano, pouring hot lava into the ocean, on the Big Island of Hawaii

Although it is an extremely difficult decision, I think I will start with the lessor of the two evils: The Volcano! (Watch for an upcoming post about the killer cat!)

Our adventure started with two bikes, a long trek and a lot of heat!
Hawaii October 2016 321
Only 5 miles to go…
Hawaii October 2016 387
Steam from the HOT lava pouring into the ocean
Hawaii October 2016 343
The glow from an underground lava lake! You could feel the heat 10 feet away from the edge!
Boiling Lava Lake: Volcano National Park
The Evening Glow: Volcano National Park

“Set Your Life on Fire…Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames.” ~Rumi

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



19 thoughts on “A Little Heat!

  1. I got to visit volcano national park once but I didn’t see that much lava! Wow! And nice little sneak in at the end there about dangerous coconuts. People would never think about random fruit falling out of the sky, haha. Great pictures!

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