I Hear Chirping…!!!

It’s here! The day is finally here! Wifey and I have been waiting 21 days for the baby chicks to hatch. This is a big deal at Indigo Acres, for this is the first broody hen we have allowed to sit on eggs. What an amazing 48 hours it has been…

Skunk, our little molted cochin bantam, has been an incredible mom. She sits, ever so patiently and waits, staring off into the distance, in full chicken meditation mode. She rarely eats and only leaves her nest to relieve herself.

Last Friday, we decided to candle a few eggs on day 18 to compare the changes from day seven. The first photo is from candling on day 7 and the next photo is from candling on day 18.  It was incredible to witness the dark, slightly fluttering, shadow!

Day 8
Day 18

Saturday, there was even more excitement in the barn!  When we put an egg to our ear and listened very closely, we could hear a “tap…tap..tap”.  The time was growing near…

Skunk carefully rearranges her eggs before settling back down on her nest.

But of course, everything happens while the humans are sleeping…By, Sunday morning, we were finally able to meet our new addition to the farm.


Meet Una! Our first baby chick!

Una is so wanting her siblings to wake up! See video!

We checked on Skunk and baby Una throughout the day on Sunday.  Mama and baby were both doing fabulous!  But, Mama’s work had just begun!  1 down, 13 to go!  We were back to the waiting game!  By Sunday night, we thought it was time to journey back out to the barn!  We were so excited to have another new friend waiting to meet us!

Skunk and chick #2!

Once again, it was time for the humans to go to bed!

I promise to give another chick update later this week, as more excitement continues on Indigo Acres! ♥

“I dream of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned!” ~Unknown

Love Yourself…Embrace yourself…Just Be You…


13 thoughts on “I Hear Chirping…!!!

  1. Baby chicks are so cute I am glad you got to go out to the barn lol. Our son in law took the girls last weekend and they picked out baby chicks Andrew had spent the night here.The feed store had them buy two get two free so it will be interesting to see how many roosters of the free ones there will be lol. I have not had time to get pics of those yet since yesterday was goat day lol.


  2. How exciting! Happy for you all!
    Your ‘waiting for the hatching’s’ reminded me of the documentary, “My Life As A Turkey”. Raising wild turkeys in Florida. A must see, if you have not.
    Thank you for your sharings,

    Liked by 1 person

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