Our Big Island Adventure: Final Days

It was difficult to believe that our 10 day adventure, around the Big Island, would come to a close in just over 24 hours.  From tropical rain forests to active volcanoes, we had experienced more of Magical Mother Earth than ever imaginable.

Our second to last destination was to visit Lapakahi State Historical Park, located in North Kohala. This area was discovered by settlers more than 700 years ago.  The Koai’e Cove was not only a safe place to land canoes, but a peaceful place to call home, for the rolling hills sheltered the cove from the strong Kohala wind. The sea was rich in food and the soil nurtured crops, such as taro, and sweet potatoes.  Because of this, the village prospered for hundreds of years!

To the left, is the reconstructed house site of Historic Hale, built with a bamboo frame and pili grass thatching. This home was occupied until the early 1900s.
Salt Making was very important to the villagers.  Water was poured into hollowed out stone and the sun evaporated the water, thus leaving salt crystals.  Salt was used to preserve fish and season food.
Villagers launched and landed their canoes at Koai’e Cove.
My friend Ku’ula…  This beautiful stone is the home to the fishing god.  Villagers gave a portion of their catch to Ku’ula and in return received fish in abundance.
After exploring the village, it was once again time to make our way to the Northern tip of the Big Island.  We were about to explore our final destination, Waipi’o Valley…

We parked our car and I was immediately greeted by this sweet beauty!  What a love.  One of the things I missed most during this trip was the interaction with animals. It was so nice to have a few moments of animal therapy, with this island beauty.  If only I could have put him in my pocket and brought him back to the farm…
A gorgeous view!  What a beautiful final destination to explore. If only we had more time to hike this area…
The air was filled with mist on our drive back to Hilo.  This was no surprise, considering rain falls in Hilo 278 days of the year. We did not mind the weather, for this mist brought us the gift of many rainbows, during our final drive.

A rainbow through the clouds
I took over 1500 photographs on our 10 day adventure, but for some reason, this image is one of my most favorites…
A Full Rainbow
The Big Island of Hawaii is truly a magical place. It has been an absolute delight to share Our Big Island Adventure!  As wonderful as it is to return home, I do believe it is always time for another adventure!  Get out there and explore!

A view from the clouds…

Until then…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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