Lessons From a Sea Turtle

I have always had a passion for sea turtles!  Last October, while visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, I had the most amazing opportunity to view these stunning creatures, up close and personal, on the Punaluu black sand beach.  This breathtaking experience is one I will never forget.  Although my time with them lasted only a few hours, the lessons I learned from them will last an eternity.  We have so much to learn from these magical creatures…  We just have to stop and listen…

  Sea Turtles on the Punaluu Black Sand Beach

Lessons From a Sea Turtle

​1. Be at ease in your own shell! 

I have spent 45 years learning to be comfortable in my own skin.  Trust me, it is much less effort to just be genuinely ME.  Remember, love and embrace each and every part of your mind, body and soul.  

2. Keep your own pace.

It is so easy to become caught up in comparing yourself to those around you.  Healthy competition is a positive thing, but remember to do it your way and at your own pace.  Be true to YOU.

3. Dig yourself out of  a hole you didn’t dig.

This type of situation can be extremely frustrating.  But, I truly believe that life will never give you anything you can’t handle!  The most difficult challenges in life GROW you the most!

4. Always stay calm.

I truly believe that sea turtles are meditation experts!  Learn to breathe, turn off life and Be Still.  Clarity always comes when the mind, body and soul are at peace as one.

5. Never give up!

Baby sea turtles sure know how to have faith and persevere, from the moment their eggs hatch and they journey to the water’s edge.  They are true survivalists!  Remember, never give up and just swim your way through!


“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”  ~Mark Twain

Hawaii October 2016 800

Love Yourself….Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


4 thoughts on “Lessons From a Sea Turtle

  1. I love lesson number 3… Too often, we just complain and point the finger to another person. We do not take accountability if “we did not do it.” But we are responsible for our own selves. It is our own accountability and responsibility to strive and overcome those challenges that other people might have brought upon us. 🙂

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