Our Gentle Giant…

It will be three years this October since we purchased our farm bear. She is a black bear, weighing over 120 pounds. I remember that beautiful fall day so clearly… my intent was to purchase an adorable puppy.  But instead, I came home with what appeared to be an adorable black bear cub. Yet, because of this one very special creature, our farm would never be the same…

First tubby!

Wifey and I spent the 2 1/2 hour journey home brainstorming what we should name this adorable black ball of fur. We wanted something strong, yet cute. At the time, the latest Indigo Girls CD was playing in the car. Being diehard fans, we started listing song titles aloud.   Then, the perfect (well, almost perfect) name emerged…Ophelia.img_6872

Very quickly, the name Ophelia was shortened to Ophe. Although the name Ophelia was the perfect image for everything we thought our small bear would be, it was just not right. “Ophelia” was silly, quirky, curious, overly playful and just an all around goofball! Maybe she would grow into her name?  Plus, it would be nice to have a nickname, right?!img_6875

That first year, Ophe grew and grew and grew. She loved snow more than life itself. During our deep Michigan winters, wind chills can easily be a frigid -30 degrees.   Regardless, there she was, my bumbly teddy bear, happy as could be in the snow!  To this day, Winter is still Ophe’s favorite time of year!  The colder, the better!  The more snow, the better!  On some winter days, she is truly the only happy critter on the farm!img_6877

Ophe learned her jobs quickly!  She was taught to respond to animal names and where their homes were.  She learned to sound off when there was an intruder, but rarely uses her voice otherwise.   Ophe has always had a silent strength about her.  If she could speak, she would tell you that her favorite friends are the baby animals on the farm.img_6884

As much as we adore our gentle giant, Ophe does have a mischievous side!  She loves to kidnap gloves!  She has been stealing our work gloves since she was just months old.  But those eyes…how to you scold her, when she looks at you with those big brown eyes.img_6880

Ophe is more than just a farm dog.  She is my companion and most of all my friend.  She has the biggest heart and the most gentle soul…and slobber, lots of slobber!


“When I needed a hand, I found your paw…”


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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