My Journey Through Art

I love paint!  I have always loved paint!  Growing up, if Dad had a painting project, I was his girl.  By the end of the day, Dad’s task would always be finished with pride.  But, I was consistently left covered, from head to toe, in a rainbow of colors and probably wasted more paint than Dad would have liked.  To this day, I end up having as much paint on me as I do on the canvas.  Everything I do, I do with love and passion!

Even my farm jeans have paint on them!

I have always been a creative person.  Growing up, art and music were my go to therapists, along with my dog, Tiffany!  When I look back over the years, I have come to the realization that I turned to art during life’s most difficult times.   After my father passed 10 years ago to cancer, I was pulled to paint once again.  I released layer upon layer of emotion on canvas, which was extremely therapeutic. It was a form of meditation for me. I would just let go of my emotions and let the paint tell the story.  3-4 hours later, I would find myself finished and exhausted emotionally.

I remember one painting in particular, from that emotional time period. When I was finished with my therapeutic release, I stepped back and looked at the dark and lifeless piece of art. (Sorry for the flash spot)

I felt much better on the inside, for I left my hurt on the canvas.  The painting depicted my emotions at the time, but not me as a person. It lacked life, joy and passion. So, to this day, this intuitive and therapeutic piece of art resides upstairs in the barn.  It’s better to have my emotions trapped on a canvas than inside me!

Last summer, I was pulled to paint something for Wifey. The thought of this was overwhelming.  Life is good!  I am happy!  How do I paint that?  I never have a plan when I paint, I just start applying paint to canvas and see where my emotions lead.  The thought of having a plan was a whole new challenge. Granted, being in elementary educator for 22 years allowed me to paint/draw children’s illustrations, which did take a bit of planning.  But, when I am serious and feel pulled emotionally to cover myself with paint, it is always with oils or acrylics.

Watercolor is always one of my favorite mediums to use when painting critters!

I knew Wifey loved irises. We connected over splitting and dividing common irises in the beginning of our relationship. It would be the perfect subject to paint.  I ventured to the second story of the barn and started creating.  For some reason, I took step-by-step photos of this specific project. I had never taken photos of my paintings before.  I can see now that I was definitely not in a meditative painting state.

Nothing went right. The shapes were off, the textures were basic and the colors were lacking depth. I was struggling. I finally stopped,  put my palette knife and brush down and left the piece unfinished.  I promised myself that I would not go back to the upstairs of the barn until the next day…




The next morning, I immediately went upstairs to the barn. Without a thought, I took my large palette knife and scraped all of the oil off the canvas.  My painting felt forced. I sat down and reminded myself to relax and feel the emotion of joy, love and friendship. I let the paint tell the story.    Painting happiness should not be that difficult.  Within a few hours, I was finished.  The remains of the original painting left a beautiful background…I had to leave it, for it was part of the story…


I’m not an artist like not Van Gogh or Monet and that is ok.  I am my own artist, with my own style.  That is the wonderful thing about art…there is no right or wrong, just different!   Since I have been blogging, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet a truly gifted artist, Doctor Kandinsky.  His art is outstanding!   I highly recommend you check out Doc’s blog:

On the next rainy day, when you can’t get outside, try something creative.  Remember, just because it’s different, doesn’t mean its wrong!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



11 thoughts on “My Journey Through Art

  1. Colors are light vibrations and just like music they reveal our emotions. No words in any language there is can tell so much about our inner world. But in order to show that it takes a fair amount of honesty. Your paintings and your blog posts are full of this honesty Roda and I thank you for that.

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  2. Oils paints are amazing they are messy but the colors blend so beautifully. I have never had the same feeling about acrylics lol. Using art as therapy really was a great idea maybe I should have done that when my life was hectic with 4 kids. It is so funny how one day it seems that everything goes wrong when we are trying to be artistic but the next day everything goes right. Great painting iris’s are quite beautiful mine are just now starting to bloom.

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      1. My grandmother gave me some of her Irises many many years ago. They have been moved and relocated as they have multiplied. We started a new bed of them back during the fall and there must be 100 bulbs around this two year old cypress tree. All of ours are the Louisiana iris and they are purple.

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      2. We have a bit of an iris collection! The bearded Irises bloom first, followed by the natural flag Iris, which grow naturally in Michigan. They are yellow and blue. Our Siberian irises bloom in June and then the Japanese irises bloom by the 4th of July. I am patiently waiting with my camera for flowers!


  3. We start the year out with the paperwhites blooming in February, then the azaleas bloom in March. The knockout roses, purple showers, pink chi chi all start blooming in April, then along come the irises around the end of April. I always buy petunias, impatience, and marigolds each spring. I put the geraniums, begonias, and ferns in the greenhouse over the winter and bring them back out in the spring. I love lots of blooming plants and flowers.

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