Dear Mother Earth…

Photo Challenge: Earth

Happy Photo Challenge Day!  Today’s photo challenge theme is “Earth”.  I am so excited to share these photographs with you!  They are some of my all time favorites .

Now get outside! Let the Earth tickle your bare feet, while the wind plays in your hair…

Kayaking in Isle Royale National Park
nikon Camera 125
Route 1 California Coast
Hawaii October 2016 333
Lava Ribbons on the Big Island
The Power of the Pacific Ocean
Hawaii October 2016 1198
A Big Island Rainbow
Lake Superior
UP trip July 2013 110
Tahquamenon Falls , Michigan
Hawaii Volcano National Park
Lava & Steam
Hawaii October 2016 343
The glow from an underground lava lake
The hike that seemed to last forever!
My favorite slice of Mother Earth – HOME!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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