New Beginnings…

Spring is probably my most favorite time of year. There are new beginnings everywhere. Nature has stretched its arms, waking from a long winter’s nap and ready to show its beauty once again. I find that there’s that one magical day…  That day when I look outside and see the green hue across the sky. When that day arrives, I know I have truly survived another winter. But, there is one thing even more exciting than that beautiful green hue… baby animals!

Pure JOY

I love baby animals!  We have 8 new Khaki Campbell Ducklings this year, on the farm. As for chickens, this was supposed to be a “non-chicken” year. You might be thinking, what does a “non-chicken year” mean? Well, it means that we have enough laying hens (if that is even possible) and Wifey thinks we need to take a year off.  But, she can’t argue with mother nature!

Our sweet Skunk

Meet Skunk! Skunk is our Mottled Cochin Bantam. She is a little over one year old. A few weeks ago, she was showing signs of going broody. Basically, this meant, she wanted to hatch her eggs and become a mama. We knew she was serious when she pulled out all of her chest feathers to help maintain proper heat and humidity for hatching eggs. At this point, it was time to move Skunk to the barn where she could be away from the hustle and bustle of the other chickens and have her quiet meditation time. If only I could meditate like a broody hen! Skunk stares into the distance for hours, just sitting in a trance-like state…waiting. She rarely leaves her nest to eat or relieve herself, for she has a task and one she takes very seriously.

Yesterday was the big day. It was time to candle the eggs.  This process allows us to use a light to check for living embryos. Now keep in mind, these eggs are not all Skunk’s. She was very quick to “borrow” eggs laid in nesting boxes near her. Skunk lives in our eclectic chicken run. This run is made up of Silkies, Polish, Frizzles, and Bantam chickens. We have four silky roosters and one bantam rooster. Let’s just say, we have a creative bunch of chickens!

This is a 6 day old egg. The vessels are coming from the embryo. 
The small black spot, towards the center of this egg, is the embryo.
After candling all of the potential fertile eggs, Skunk has 14 fertile eggs tucked underneath her.  She was very happy to have her eggs back!

Now we wait! The broody process lasts 19-21 days. We will candle the eggs again this coming weekend.  I will make sure to share an update!  By the end of April, if all goes as planned, Skunk’s sweet chicks will hatch!  Spring is such a magical time…

Have an amazing day and enjoy the gifts of Spring!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself..Just Be You…


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