And the Saga Continues…

The Force has been on my side this week!  I survived Week One of the kitchen renovation project. Three weeks and counting…  I can only hope and pray that things remain on schedule. Overall, I think the project is going well. Or, maybe I’m just getting accustom to the fact that one part of the house or another has been in chaos, over the last three years. The exciting news… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be worth it once everything is finally complete. I have my sights set on June 1. It is always good to plan a little wiggle time!

When situations like these bring frustration to daily life, I find that I must celebrate the small accomplishments.  My first celebration is that I have a working oven!  Granted I have no running water, counter top or stove top, but at least I have an oven!

The oven is operational!
I miss baking homemade bread, cookies and especially pound cake. Baking with duck eggs makes everything extra moist and fluffy. This is just another reason why I love ducks! Realistically, I don’t see myself baking this weekend, knowing that Saturday is going to be busy working in the gardens and driving three teenagers wherever they need to go.  Although, it is nice to at least have the option!

Here are a few photos from the end of the day today.  At first glance, I wondered what they did all week!?  But, knowing the electrician and plumber competed much of their work, I came to the realization that there is much that goes on behind the scenes.  I am learning the life lesson of trusting in the process…

The kitchen sink…eventually.
Pulling up the hardwood floor was not as simple as the guys had hoped.  Much filling was needed to make sure everything would be level for the new hickory flooring.
I am very excited to organize these pantry drawers!  I will be able to see all of my herbs and spices!
I am very excited for the upper cabinets, in the pantry.  Organizing and accessing baking sheets and dishes will be so much more efficient.
Well, there you have it!  Week 1 in a nut shell.  Next week, the lower cabinets will be installed and measurements will be taken for the granite counter top.    If I am lucky, maybe our cook-top will arrive and be in working order by the end of the week!  A girl can dream, you know!

Overall, it was a very positive week!  The garden beds are in the process of being tilled and we are continuing to clean up the barn area from winter.  I ended my day with one last task…to give Murphy a tubby!  He loves to “help” in the garden.  He was ready to plant today and dug many holes to display his pure talent!  He is one exhausted puppy!

img_6201Enjoy this beautiful Spring weekend and everything it has to offer.


img_6199.jpgLove Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


3 thoughts on “And the Saga Continues…

  1. Isn’t it exciting to see a building project in progress. It’s like waiting for Christmas gifts. In the end the real joy is in the waiting and the looking forward. Even the dust and the mess is fun because you know that the cleaning up process will leave you with a brand new shiny kitchen.
    And then after a couple of weeks the same room will seem known and common won’t it ?
    So “enjoy the mess” and look forward Roda.
    PS : give that dog a hug from me, he looks so sad on the picture, as if he was saying “after all the helping paw I gave , all she found was giving me a bath ” 😂

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    1. You are so right! I will also be glad to have more time. Renovation = lots of meetings! A meeting to pick out knobs, a meeting to pick out flooring, etc. I miss painting! Gardening season makes that tricky, but I am hoping to carve out at least 1 day/week soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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