Thank you!

Wifey has been encouraging me to start a blog for months. Since I truly need to speak at least 200,000 words a day, I think it was her polite way to encourage me to share my words with someone other than her. Spread the wealth! 

Considering I love to communicate in any form and photography has always been a hobby, I figured, why not!   I shared with Wifey that I was ready to start a blog, under one condition…she had to promise to follow me.   (At least that way, I would have at least one follower.) I never thought that in a little over a month,  I would have even 10 followers, let alone 50+.  If somehow my blog has made a difference in even one person’s life, then it had been a success.

I’m passionate about my life and I so enjoy sharing my adventures. Thank you for your interest and support with “Growingself“.  Life is always easier when we GROW together.

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself… Just Be You…


2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. You are welcome hey🌺🌻.
    – i enjoy your blog💝! from the recipe posts, motivational posts, to your personal experiences that you share, i always learn something.

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