Nature: Expect the Unexpected…

Photo Challenge – Surprise

Nature is always changing. Each day, as we walk through our gardens, we see new surprises.  Currently, gifts of tiny sprouts grow abundantly.  Fruit tree blossoms swell under the sun’s rays.  A beautiful green hue blankets the land, welcoming the new season.  Look closely, for the changes of nature are happening everywhere.  Expect the unexpected and enjoy the beautiful surprises of Mother Nature… 

Hawaii October 2016 066
Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
Love brings many beautiful surprises!
Unexpected guests!
A beautiful surprise after a spring rain…
An unexpected and camouflaged lizard hiding in the leaves
Tiny flowers of the hydrangea
Hawaii October 2016 343
Discovering a hot lava lake is always a surprise!!
Hawaii October 2016 333
A volcano’s creations
Hawaii October 2016 1108
Look closely…so much more than just a rock.
Hawaii October 2016 141
A fern about to uncoil…
Hawaii October 2016 039
It is hard to find words for this surprise! Amazing!
It is difficult to believe that a delicate poppy will emerge from this shell.
Hawaii October 2016 137
Embrace surprise!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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