The Time Has Come…

April is one of my favorite months of the year. It is finally time for tiny green leaves to emerge throughout the forest, displaying a beautiful green hue abound.   Early spring flowers push their way up through the soil and the smell of lilacs will soon be carried by the spring winds.  April is a time of change… a time for new beginnings.  A positive wave of emotion fills my soul and I feel connected to the Earth once again. After months of stillness,  life begins to flourish!   Spring is a true reminder of how beautiful change can truly be…

This weekend, we spent much time outside.  Spring is always an exciting and busy time on the farm. During the Winter months, we researched new varieties of fruits and vegetables, ordered seeds, and updated the garden map with new crop rotation cycles.   Now, it is finally time to get dirty and plant some seeds!

To add to the Spring excitement, our kitchen remodel project began today.   We were told that the entire kitchen had to be completely emptied by 8am Monday morning. There was no way we were giving up a single moment of sunshine over the weekend.  It was 70 degrees in April, in Michigan!  So, last night, after chores were completed and our critters were tucked in, we tackled the kitchen.  In about 3 hours, we had the majority of the cupboards emptied.  Needless to say, I am not sure where everything is, but who doesn’t love a great game of “Kitchen I Spy”!  All I know is that giving up a piece of Spring sunshine was not an option.

To give you an update, our cold frame and hoop house seedlings are progressing nicely.   We started kale, leaf lettuce, spinach, cilantro, broccoli raab and bunching onions in March, for they only needed temperatures of 50-60 degrees to germinate.

Kale, spinach and leaf lettuce seedlings are growing in the cold frame.
We finished planting the hoop house this weekend.  The kale, leaf lettuce and spinach seedlings are doing well.  The cilantro is just emerging through the soil.  We won’t see the bunching onions and broccoli raab for about 14 days. We plant weekly, so our early spring harvest is spread out.
In our greenhouse, we use small, tiered shelving with greenhouse poly covers to hold extra heat and retain  moisture.
Seeds are planted in peat pots and labeled.
Seed trays are placed on each shelf and the magic begins!
Welcome little one!
This is a photo of some of the seedlings that were started in the greenhouse last April.  Numerous varieties of tomatoes and peppers are favorites, for they need an extra head-start in our Zone 5 climate.  Celery, Artichoke, tomatillos, brussels sprouts, various herbs and perennials are also started from seeds and placed in the greenhouse.
Who doesn’t enjoy a few pansies, to add some spring color to the garden.

There you have it!  Today is Monday, but for me it is just a continuation of spring planting!  It is time for me to head out to the garden cottage and get dirty!  I would love to hear about your spring gardening adventures!  Now, get out there and GROW something!  I can guarantee you will do a little GROWING yourself during this magical experience.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You!


6 thoughts on “The Time Has Come…

  1. Wow Roda this is one garden. Ours looks like a playmobil version compared to yours. I showed the pictures to Nathan and he was just as impressed as I am. Thanks for sharing

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    1. It is truly my dream garden. I feel like I have been designing it in my head for years. 3 years ago, we broke ground and dug a lot of post holes! I like to think of it as my Shakespearean Potager! This year I am adding a large herb garden. 💚🌱🌸

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  2. Like your design. I’m in north central Indiana, and although our temperatures have been okay, the rain just keeps coming, so the planting is falling behind and plants are backlogged in the greenhouse & basement. I’m getting antsy to get more done!

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    1. We are having a ton of rain as well. Thank goodness for the hoop houses. We are hoping to build another one this week! Wishing for sunshine coming our way!


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