Let it Flow…

As I sit at the keyboard, my hands instantly become tense. My creative flow comes to a complete halt. All of a sudden, I feel pressure. My fingers, unable to keep up with the pace of my thinking, are tangled with the images dancing within my head. At this moment, I find myself sitting at the keyboard, blank… fingers frozen, when just moments ago, thoughts flurried in my head. No matter how many times I try, this method of writing is maddening.

As some of you might have read in my original blog post, I need to speak a minimum of 200,000 words daily, to be happy. Everything I think and feel comes out. Emotions flow like a gentle babbling brook, filled by the spring’s rainwater. (Keyword, babbling!) My mind is never blank. It consistently swims with emotions, ideas and words. I have tried to harness the words with my hands numerous times, but I continue to feel defeated. The keyboard is my road block. When I started this blog just a few weeks ago, I was committed to avoid this very barrier. My goal…to find an alternative route! From that moment on, the keyboard would be my revising and editing tool only. Life is too short and there are too many words to be shared.

For me, blogging equals verbalizing…communicating. When an idea pops into my head, usually triggered by a simple daily task or emotion, I pick up my iPhone, open my “Notes App” and begin dictating. The words flow freely. There are no obstacles.  Just words, flowing, ever so gracefully…words that are free.   People have told me that reading my blog is like talking to me in person. I chuckle at this notion, for they are 100% accurate. I enjoy the process of intuitive art, why not call this intuitive blogging!

I highly encourage you to put down your pencil or keyboard and just talk out loud. Granted, you might want to do this in the privacy of your own home or in nature. Walking down the aisle of the grocery store, having an extremely fluid conversation with your phone, tends to bring awkward glances. Trust me on this one!  Find a resting spot and just be with your thoughts. Share aloud and see what flows… I would love to hear how this blogging technique works for you!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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