I Have an Addiction…

Having an addiction of any kind creates utter turmoil in everyday life. It consumes your thoughts, keeps you up at night and separates you from friends and family. An addiction can also be costly, affecting your family’s budget.  Spring is just around the corner and I have an addiction… My addiction is in the form of baby animals.

This year, Wifey and I pinky swore that we would not purchase any new animals for Indigo Acres. Two horses are plenty. Four goats provide enough comic relief to last a lifetime. One 120 pound Newfoundland equals four dogs in one, and well, more than six barn cats is just excessive!  And then there is the bird collection. This is where things become a bit tricky…

We have 73 chickens of all shapes and sizes. We love our girls. As stated in a previous blog entry, we do not cull our layers when they have finished laying. They are moved to the “Geriatric Chicken Condo” where they can live out their lives in peace and harmony. Due to this, we do need to introduce new birds to our flock every few years. This year is a “non-chicken” year. So far, I am doing OK with this agreement. I have to admit, my heart started racing yesterday when I passed my fluffy, feathered friends at the local Family, Farm and Home. But, I held strong and steadied on.  There was only one problem…  I had one more brooder to pass and this would be my greatest challenge.

I stood in the aisle, reminding myself to just breathe.  I would embrace this challenge, one step at a time. My goal was simple.  I would move quickly and quietly, without taking a single glance. I told myself to be strong.  I’ve got this.  I can quit anytime!  As I journeyed towards my greatest challenge, the sound of tiny voices filled my head. My heart started racing inside my chest and I knew it was over. Those little webbed feet… Those sweet brown bills… Ducklings,… my greatest addiction.

Immediately, I used what I like to call “women’s logic”. I quickly tried to reason with myself.  What’s one duckling?  One doesn’t count. No one will even notice. But then, I realized…I had to have a pair!   I can do this.  I can handle two. I’m strong and I know what to expect. I slowly reached down, into that warm, cozy brooder and scooped up two tiny Khaki Campbell’s. Those big brown eyes gazed into mine and their quacks cried, “Mama”.  They had stolen my heart. How could I desert them now? They called me, “Mama”.

I have an addiction. But this time, I only purchased two ducklings. I am making process, right?    Let’s just focus on the positive, shall we! I knew when Wifey returned with the shopping cart, she would shake her head and immediately tell me that tomorrow she would, once again, sign me up for Ducklings Anonymous. I know the work that needs to be done.  I face my addiction daily, with love and passion.

We are over the top excited to welcome Daisy & Iris to Indigo Acres!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You!


4 thoughts on “I Have an Addiction…

  1. i very much enjoyed your sense of humor! I might say I have a similar addiction – but to parrots. I have 4 just now. The thing is, I’ve never bought one. People just keep giving them to me because they know my weakness. 😀

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