“Me Time”

Have you spent so much time doing for everyone else, that when you finally take that precious YOU time, you find yourself lost, not sure where or how to even begin?!  Has it really been that long since you’ve done something for YOU? Let today be the day! Be brave! “Me Time” is waiting for you! 

Wait a minute… Stop! If you are running to locate your notebook and colorful array of felt tip markers, to make yourself a perfect list of all the fun things you could do for “Me Time”, Stop!   Think. Feel. Be.  Close your eyes and ask yourself, what do I feel pulled to do? If I could do anything right now, what would it be? Would you call an old friend and talk about everything and nothing, all at the same time? Would you go for a hike on the nearest trail, just to connect with nature again? Would you grab your camera and take pictures of things that make you feel joy? Whatever you feel…whatever pops into your head…DO!

Well, just in case the thought of figuring out what to do completely overwhelms you, I have created a simple list of ideas for you, hoping to save a little of that precious “Me Time”!  Find 30 minutes today for you! It will be the most important thing you accomplish today.

Embrace yourself… Love yourself… And Just Be You.


 30 Minute “Me Time” Adventures

  1. Take a walk  (Remember to just breathe!)
  2. Call an old friend  (A cup of tea or coffee is a must)
  3. Turn your phone off!  (You can do this, I know you can!)
  4. Read something…anything  (Maybe a real book or magazine)
  5. Take a nap  (Naps are the best!)
  6. Take a tubby  (Light a candle)
  7. Discover new music (Music brings joy)
  8. Organize something (Only if if brings you joy!)
  9. Create! (Art is healing)
  10. Take photographs  (Capture moments!)
  11. Exercise, meditate, pray (If you feel like you don’t have time, you probably need it!)
  12. Write in a journal (Reflect)
  13. Go to bed early (Put your phone down!)
  14. Buy yourself flowers (Remember to allow yourself to BLOOM)
  15. Have a dance party with yourself! (I recommend ABBA!)
  16. Now get out there…what are you waiting for!? ♥

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