I Am Mother, Hear Me Roar!

These two words… “But why?” I hear them…often.  Why, do you ask? Because I’m the proud Mom of three wonderful, intelligent, creative and hormonal teenagers that drive me insane. As I have mentioned, at times, I feel like they perceive me as being clueless. For example, I have never been 14 before. And, I of course have never been 15 before, almost 16!  I have never driven a car. I have never dated a boy or a girl. And I have never felt hormones raging through my body, so strongly, that not even the Hoover Dam could hold them back. As I contemplate this delicate situation, I wonder if their main goal in life is to truly push me over the edge? 

I have spent the last 15 years teaching my kids to be strong, independent and caring young souls. To be themselves. To speak their minds (with respect and kindness, of course). Due to this, I think during those times when aliens invade their bodies and take my sweet children away, I am left with three teenagers highly qualified to join the high school debate team, become a successful used car salesman or even a cut-throat attorney. I have taught them how to wield these life swords with much grace and accuracy.   Yet, this is how they repay me? 

To their defense, they are wonderful kids. They are successful in school, well-mannered and are helpful…most of the time.  I have to say, 95% of the time they are incredible and I am so proud to be their mom. But, that 5% of the time, when their Dark Side emerges, I must have my “Mom Saber” ready. As the wise Yoda once said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

So, my strategy is very simple. Do. I do listen. I do understand. I do take into consideration their opinion. Do not. I do not debate. I do not argue. I do not react to intense emotion… most of the time. (I cannot be responsible for my actions when I am hungry or PMSing. )  I learned early on, during my years of teaching, that if you begin to argue with a child, you have already lost…on many levels.

It comes down to this… The majority of the time, I truly enjoy my children. I feel blessed and grateful to be their mom.  But, I never let my guard down. EVER! I know that they are on the rise, when I find them together in one of their rooms…whispering and not throwing verbal daggers at one another. But, I am a wise Jedi Mom.  I know what they’re doing… They’re plotting their next attack. I’m sure it will take place at the dinner table. What is it about the dinner table? 

I will be prepared…

I am Mother, Hear Me Roar.

Embrace Yourself… Love Yourself… Just Be You…


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