Blossom and the Bee Will Come…

I am a woman… a wife, a mom, a friend and I wear these beautiful hats, daily. I also carry the “type A” personality gene. In the past, I referred to this personality type as, “anal to a fault”. For a more positive twist, I upgraded to “highly organized and detailed”.  (See how I have been “growing self” and keeping things positive!)  Why as women, when we wear so many hats, do we feel like we must do everything for everyone, perfectly. We must solve all the problems of our little world. We must keep everyone in our world happy. We must think ahead to what might occur in our near future, so that we are able to be completely ready to handle any given situation.  To prepare for this unforeseen event, we create a step-by-step plan of action that is usually color coded, cross referenced and tends to self destruct within minutes.  Why do we constantly set ourselves up for failure?

I am a woman. I am not a machine. You cannot plug me in and in 30 minutes have me restored to full power. (Granted, a little dark chocolate goes a long way! ) I am human. I need to give myself permission to rest. Over the past few years, I have tried to practice living in the moment. Daily, I would attempt to finish all of my “To Do’s” with hopes and dreams awaiting for “Me Time”. For months,… I failed. That list, the one that was designed to be helpful and organize my already “type A” self, haunted me. How could a single piece of paper hold so much power over me?  How could that cheerful and well-organized list leave me feeling so defeated? Not only was I not accomplishing the dreaded “To Do” list, but I was never taking time for myself. The day would come to a close, with many boxes left unchecked and my “Me Time” nonexistent.

As I continue to focus on “growing self”, I have come to understand the meaning of the word “balance“. It is not my responsibility to make people happy. As wifey always says, happiness comes from within. I am not expected or even capable of doing everything perfectly. My daily “To Do” list no longer exists. It is now titled, “Weekly Adventures”. I have found that setting one or two daily goals each day is much more manageable than a list of 50. I pick and choose from my “Adventure List”, based on what pulls me at the moment.   I celebrate what I accomplish. It might only be one thing, but one thing is better than nothing, right?!  Most importantly, I schedule time daily for myself. This comes first, always! The vacuuming can wait, the grocery shopping can wait, and cleaning out the chicken coops can definitely wait! These tasks are not going anywhere, but my sanity and happiness could. Take time to just be. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, find time somewhere in your day for you!  By doing this, you are giving yourself permission to BLOSSOM!

“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee.  It blossoms and the bee comes.” ~Mark Nepo

Love yourself…embrace yourself…Just Be You!


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