Lessons from an Orb Spider…

It is the time of year, as seasons begin to change, that I feel an energy stirring inside me. The transition from winter to spring is one that I most yearn for. I know that winter is a time for rest, for reflection, but this season has always been a challenge for me. 

The holidays tend to drive me through the beginning of winter. But, once the twinkle lights return to their boxes, the smells of freshly baked Christmas cookies no longer linger in the air and the last pine needles have been eaten (and thrown up) by the cats, I know that the stillness is coming…

January… My feelings about this month tend to be divided. Here in our mitten state, January brings cold and dark. Not just a chilly type of cold that makes you excited for a crackling camp fire or to reach for your favorite sweater that has been waiting for you for months. No, it is a frigidness that releases miniature daggers, attacking your skin the moment you head outside. January can be painful… 

On a more positive and less dramatic note, January brings new beginnings. A new year. A time to set goals. A time to look ahead. I find myself excitingly perusing the numerous seed catalogs that arrive in the mailbox daily, during this cold… still… daunting month. They speak to me. Those colorful, flower filled pages make me yearn to dig holes, to touch Mother Earth, to listen and hear the sound of the first robin. Questions flood my head… What will we grow this year? What new additions will be added to the potager? What iris rhizomes will Wifey insist on ordering? January tends to set me up for failure,  as I continue to practice living in the moment. 

February…that short month that can last a lifetime! All of my excitement about new goals…new ideas…gone, flattened by February’s dark, heavy hands. For me, February is the stillest month. Each day, I drone to the barn for morning chores, begging mother nature for a single ray of sunshine. Isn’t  it amazing how those few days of sunshine in February can make you feel like you’re dancing on the clouds!   It is those days that I find myself having a dance party with ABBA, in the middle of the kitchen. Unfortunately, those days are few.  But, I steady on… February is the month that I must teach myself how to live in the moment, to be grateful for each day and to relish in the fact that I am alive. I must embrace life, for the clock will continue to tick, tock each day, bringing me closer to my awakening…Spring.

March… Oh the joy of March. I feel the heaviness of winter slowly start to peel away. I begin to unfold, grow, blossom. March makes me excited to meet up with old friends. I anxiously await the gift of the first robin. I look forward to reuniting with my dear friend, the beautiful orb spider that has blessed our gardens since they were planted.  My heart races with excitement each season, as I watch for her amongst the nasturtium and marigolds. To experience her spinning such a magical creation is a moment like no other. She works diligently, continuously…living in the moment. I can learn from my dear friend. To rest and “Just Be” during those cold, dark months, for spring will come and Mother Earth’s beauty will shine again.

Live and embrace each moment!


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