Songs from “Oklahoma”

“Do what you love…love what you do…”

So many changes have taken place in my life, over the past few years.  I went from teaching in dress clothes to hauling poo in flannel lined carhartts.  Change can be a long, winding and bumpy road.  Let’s be honest…change can be scary as hell!    Yet, change can also be the most exhilarating adventure one may ever experience in a lifetime…

I remember one specific day, the first Fall I was home full-time.  I had been driving the tractor for about 5 hours, hauling compost to our large potager. It was that perfect Fall day.  The type of day when you can’t help but belt out the entire musical soundtrack from “Oklahoma”.  (chicks and ducks and geese better scurry…come on, sing it with me!)  I can’t think of a better musical to be singing, while driving a John Deer.  Harvest was complete for the season, except for brussels sprouts and kale, which we would enjoy for a few more months.  It was time to cover the beds with fresh soil, tucking everything in for a nice long winter’s sleep.

While singing these ever so catchy songs from “O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a”, I realized that I was truly happy.  Not the kind of happy I would feel when it was a really great day, but the deep down depths of my very soul kind of happy.  I am filthy, daily.  I am physically tired, daily.  I am responsible for loving and caring for over 130 critters, children included, daily. Looking towards the weekend and the meaning of “Friday Eve”no longer exists.  Yet, there is never an unhappy day on the farm.  Are there sad days?  Sure!  Difficult days?  Yes!  But, never an unhappy day! I feel blessed, loved and so thankful for I am able to live such joy…

“Do what you love…love what you do…”

Always Embrace Change


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