Growing Self Blogger Award: Take 4

I have been discovering some amazing blogs lately!  I am so excited to dig in and explore these new worlds!  With that being said, I would like to nominate a few more beautiful souls for the Growing Self Blogger Award!  Thank you, to these individuals, for reaching out to others through their beautiful blogs.  Spread Joy and Kindness, always… Continue reading “Growing Self Blogger Award: Take 4”

Borage and Bumbles

Borage is my all time favorite annual herb to grow! It is not only stunningly blue, with a mild cucumber taste, but it is my yearly gift to the bees. I can get lost in the moment, while daydreaming among the borage plants, observing and photographing the bees at work…

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A Passion for Peonies

I am sure many of you have come to the conclusion that I am truly a woodland fairy that flutters from bloom to bloom, talking about the daily garden gossip with frogs and snails and bumbles.  And guess what?  You are exactly right!   I have a bit of an interest…no passion…no addiction to gardening.  Actually, I have a bit of an addiction to life.  I love my life and my only wish would be for more time.  My days are a beautiful flourish…just one more reason to slow down and smell the flowers!


There are days, I can be on a highly focused mission one minute and as soon as a dragonfly zooms by or I notice a flower in full bloom, I stop dead in my tracts.   At that very moment, my flourish ceases and I am One with Mother Nature.  So, when I find myself not crossing items off of my daily “Adventure List”, I blame the flowers! Why don’t we begin with the Peonies…


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The Unique Blogger Award

A great big thank you goes out to the amazing and talented Nel for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award!  I love the word unique! Nel’s uniqueness is one of the many reasons I so enjoy her blog.  I especially look forward to reading her weekly endangered animal posts!  She is also extremely passionate about books, writing and life!  Check out her blog…you will be so glad you did!

Love and hugs to you, sweet Nel! ♥ Continue reading “The Unique Blogger Award”

Nature’s Transient Nature

Photo Challenge – Transient

While I was planting pumpkins and sunflower seeds,  I began to contemplate the word “transient”.  At first, I was stumped about what my focus should be.  As my mind began to wander,  I discovered a plethora of ways “transient” pertains to nature.  I live in Michigan, so the weather is definitely transient.  Garden blooms and critters are transient, too.  Enjoy Nature’s Transient Nature… Continue reading “Nature’s Transient Nature”